Sungmoon Jung, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Florida A&M University - Florida State University College of Engineering
2525 Pottsdamer Street, Tallahassee, FL 32310, USA


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Sean Martin
Ph.D. Candidate, osm13@my.fsu.edu

Sean received his BS and MS degrees from Florida State University. He has worked as an engineer while at times teaching in Tallahassee Community College. Mr. Martin is currently a Professor of Practice of the department. He is working toward PhD as a part-time student. His reserach topic is to investigate wind turbines for low-wind resource regions such as Florida.
Grzegorz Kakareko
Ph.D. Candidate, gk15b@my.fsu.edu

Grzegorz is a Ph.D. student in civil engineering at Florida State University. His current research at FSU focuses on multi scale loss estimation and risk analysis. He worked at Warsaw University of Technology WUT in the Department of Structural Mechanics and Computer Aided Engineering. Grzegorz graduated of exclusive group Theory of Structures at Warsaw University of Technology. His previous research at WUT was about assessing effective moduli of planar composites of periodic layout of constituents as well as computing effective membrane and bending stiffnesses of plates of unidirectional periodic structure. Outside of the University carrier, Grzegorz was a professional runner, a multiple Polish championship medalist and still Polish record holder (400 relay, under 20), also he was a member of Polish athletic National team for many years. Grzegorz has been awarded by many scholarships, such as Simpson Strong-Tie scholarship (2016) and WUT special dean’s scholarship (2014).

Grzegorz Dolzyk
Ph.D. Candidate, gdolzyk@fsu.edu

Grzegorz is a PhD student in the civil and environmental engineering department at Florida State University. He has earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in civil engineering from Technical University of Gdansk, Poland. His research is about application of composite materials and safety improvement in the cutaway buses. His engineering interests are  applications of finite element method, dynamic mechanics problems and  bridge constructions. Besides  that he's fan of the fantasy, science-fiction and history books.

MohammadReza Seyedi Marghaki
Ph.D. Candidate, ms16e@my.fsu.edu

He received his master’s degree in automotive engineering from the university of Science and Technology and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the university of Bahonar in Iran. He joined the laboratory in 2016. His main research interests are the safety of cutaway buses, simulation modeling with FE software, with a focus on addressing injury criteria and using Anthropomorphic Test Dummy (ATD). He also had an industrial experience for 3 years in amusement ride structure analysis and manufacturing. Reza likes team working and he is always inspired by this idea that engineer’s knowledge should serve to improve the quality of life’s people. He enjoys classical music and watching soccer. 

Olayiwola Adegbulugbe
Ph.D. studnet, olayiwola1.adegbulug@famu.edu

Co-Advisor: Dr. Kampmann

Olayi joined the laboratory in 2019. He is working on impact loading on piles.
Crisol Ortiz-Socas
Undergrad Student, cao15@my.fsu.edu

Crisol is a senior at Florida State pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in physics and mathematics. She has experience managing construction as a Site/Project Engineer and is interested in research in the field of Structural Engineering and Mechanics. She loves her dog Frodo and watching classic films.


Ryan McDugle
M.S. 2018

Gholamreza Amirinia
Ph.D. 2017

Kakit Fung
Ph.D. 2017

Anwer Al-Kaimakchi
M.S. 2017

Do Young Moon
Visiting Scholar 2016-17

Ran Xu
M.S. 2016

Paola Vasquez
M.S. 2016

Michal Gleba
M.S. 2015
Co-Advisor: Dr. Jerry Wekezer

Ho-Kyung Kim
Visiting Scholar 2015

Hyun Woo Park
Visiting Scholar 2015

Jae-Yo Kim
Visiting Scholar 2015

Atul Patil
Ph.D. 2015

Bejoy P. Alduse
Ph.D. 2014

Larissa Ferreira
M.S. 2015

Bronislaw Gepner
Ph.D. 2014
Co-Advisor: Dr. Wekezer

Juhyoung Kim
Visiting Scholar 2014

Seyamend Armaghani
M.S. 2014

GyeHee Lee
Visiting Scholar

Joshua Turley
M.S. 2013

Sungryul Kim
Visiting Scholar 2012-13

Gustavo Munoz
M.S. 2012

Inho Yeo
Visiting Scholar 2011-12

Michael Wicker
M.Eng 2012
Worked in 2011-12

Chris Roberts
Worked in 2011-12

Jude Rosilien
Worked in 2011

Austin Stilson
Worked in 2010-11

Michael Schellhammer
M.S. 2011

Jeyre Lewis
M.S. 2011

Steven Sullivan
Worked in 2010

Dongmei Tan
Visiting Scholar 2010

Rob Barthelemy

M.S. 2009