Open Positions

The following information is important for prospective students (PhD, Masters, and undergrad RAs):

  • I am always looking for bright and motivated students with CS/CE/EE/ECE backgrounds. Candidates are expected to have solid background/interest in one of the following areas:

    • Computer Security and Embedded Systems

    • Power Grid Cyber-Physical Systems

    • Control Theory and Optimization

    • Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks

  • Required Skills/Criteria:

    • Strongly motivated

    • Excellent programming skills: C/C++, Python, Matlab

  • The deadline for graduate students for the Summer and Fall semesters is March 1st. The application deadline for the Spring semester is October 1st.

  • If you would like to work under my supervision, please contact me at konstantinou at if interested. Attach your transcripts, resume, and any publications. In addition, send me the a short summary that (1) shows you have already looked at my previous work, (2) tells me the research direction(s) you are interested in, and (3) mentions any relevant background you might have for these directions. I will usually have a Skype call with promising candidates.

  • To show me you have actually taken the time to read this page, include “Sunshine State” at the beginning of your email.

  • Please accept my apology that due to the large number of emails I receive, only shortlisted candidates will be replied.